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My check engine light illuminates and I call the dealer for an appointment and am given one 3 days later. I also request the dealer change the oil while it's in the shop. The dealer says not to drive the vehicle. The day of the appointment I start the car and the check engine light is off. I go to the dealer and tell them the light is off and they say good, you saved $100 diagnostic test. They change the oil.

The check engine light comes on a few days later and I bring it to a local repair shop who diagnose multiple misfires which turns out to be the high pressure fuel pump. The fuel pump seals went bad and gas leaked into the crankcase oil and because it lost pressure, the spark plugs fouled and needed replacement (36,000 miles).

Chevrolet was aware of the fuel pump issue but didn't issue a recall and instead extended the warranty on the the fuel pump and timing chain for 10 years/120,000 miles. The warranty letter said to complete a reimbursement request form and submit original repair bill for reimbursement.

My total repair was approximately $800 including the pump, a small piece of pipe for the pump, new spark plugs and an oil change. Chevrolet issues me a check for $400 which they claim is the cost of a dealer replacing the pump. The oil change and replacement of spark plugs are excluded even though they were necessitated by a failed warranty part.

I complained to Chevrolet that had the dealer checked the code on the computer when I originally brought it in because of the check engine light the repair would not have been done by the dealer without cost to me but the dealer dropped the ball. Then Chevrolet representatives will not call despite repeated messages left of their voice mail.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I have the same problem on my 2014 chevy just reached 110000 miles. They said itsvkeaking internally and could go into,my transfer case then they are charging me like 150 hr for labor


Who was the dealer because I had a problem with my fuel pump? Was it Jim Butler in St Louis? Thank you.