Decatur, Texas

I am NOT happy with my GM card. I'm am pissed off.

I can not use all my G.M. Earnings. I am ready to buy a 2010 CHevrolet Silverado Pickup and I can only use $1500.00. Its not fair.

The last time we bought a Chevrolet Trail Blazer we used $3500.00 in 2004.

I AM PISSED. Why did they change procedure. They should have let people know.

Please let me know what you can do for me. I would like to use all my $4600.00 + on a 2010 General Motors Chevrolet Silverado.

Thank You for the help.

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Received GM promotion to round up savings to $2,000. plus $1,000 promotion bonus, dealership would only honor $1,000. Will try to get GM to explain.

rip off will cancel card this week.


GM world card points don't affect loyalty cash, you can still get world card points up 3500 and loyalty cash along with your trade in value. Just have the dealer call the GM 800 number to verify.

GM world card is not for employees. Employee cards can only use 1500 in points with their employee discount.


if you have a GM world card and you didn't change your card options you can still use the all the points up to 3500. Just have them call the GM 800 number to verify.

Some dealers don't understand the GM world card, they think its an employee card. Employees can't combine their discount with higher point values and can only use 1500.


My GM points keep disappearing, but when I tried to use them, they got my car 1 day after loyalty cash discontinued and points were lowered. I was not allowed to order or pay until it was in hand but it was in hand a day late. Sure...