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I pretty sure I can prove a case of purchasing a lemon from Chevy. I purchased a New 2014 Chevy Silverado 3500.

Ever since I got this vehicle I had nothing but problems. I would get a check engine light on in my vehicle. At first I thought it could be I didn't screw my gas cap on tight enough. But the light stayed on.

Then my car went in a low power mode where I could only drive a certain speed. I took it to the shop and I was told nothing was wrong with my vehicle. So they reset the computer, charged me a fee and sent me on my way. I experienced the exact same thing shortly after.

A check engine light and reduced power. So I took t back to the dealer and was told that my ECM needed to be changed. This was while my vehicle was still under warranty. But the catch was their were no EMC available and my car sat for a month or more with no sign of the part coming in.

That was very odd to not be able to get a part for a car that was manufactured by the same people supposedly fixing my Truck. But when I let the low power mode turned off and I was able to drive it regularly. The part still never came and I had to make a living so I worked my truck. Shortly after that the low power mode kicked in again.

Frustrated with The dealer I took it to another shop. I was told by the shop that the truck needed a regen to clean the exhaust filter. That cost me $1,000. It work for a little while then back to low power mode.

Paid another $1,000. That seemed to work so I took a work related trip to Reno Nevada. The low power mode kicked in and I was forced to stay in Reno Nevada for a week in a motel spending money I didn't have to get the vehicle fixed. The Chevy dealership worked on my vehicle and I was told I was good to go everything was fixed.

After paying another

$2,000 only to drive 100 miles and had to turn around and take it back so they could fake fix my truck again. It worked for two months only to have the TCM go bad. I paid $1,000 or so to get the TCM changed. Shortly after that the low power mode kicked in and now that my truck if out of the warranty the dealer is able to find everything that is wrong with my truck and the bill is totaling $4,000.

I complained about the bill and HQ offered to pay half of the bill but I haven't been able to work because my truck has been broke more then it's been fixed. I have no money to fix it. It would be less frustrating if I was able to work and put some money up. My truck is only four years old and it shouldn't have these problems.

Regular maintenance and oil changes done to this truck. I feel I can prove a lemon law violation and I have contacted the proper lawyers for the job who are reviewing my records now. I hope I can resolve this issue which ever way it goes. Im not complaining about unrelated issues but things that are related to why I bought my truck in in the first place.

The check engine light, the reduced power mode, ECM.

Not for springs or rear end. But the motor.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $4900.

Preferred solution: Fix my vehicle.

General Motors Cons: Misdianose a problem so the warranty can run out.

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