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I purchased A 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. My First mistake.

Second mistake is I kept it. Since then I've replaced the engine twice, replaced the hazard switch, the rear passenger side door doesn't shut properly, the dome light has fallen out, replaced the fuel pump, and now the engine is knocking when the car comes to a stop,knocking not tapping. The bad thing about this is GM knows about the cars. They should take them off the road.

The only problem is, they are making to much money on replacement parts. So I'm getting riped off again.

I just wont my money Back!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Fuel Pump.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I did a background check on the model you are refering to, and your comments on the model are close to slanderous. While the model has issues, none of the problems you bring up are consistent with known design issues (new or used). You have either bought a lemon, you keep going to a bad dealership, or you are mistreating the vehicle.

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