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So I have been enduring an ongoing problem with my 2008 Saturn Aura. I purchased it in late summer of 2009 and for the first year or so it ran great but than in the beginning of 2011 it all started to go down hill.

My husband and I have taken the car to the dealer for different repairs. We have been to the dealer 5 times in the pass 6 months and now the check engine light is back on and now we need to take it a 6Th time. Catalytic converter went out 2 to 3 times now, the fuel injector went, and host of other problems.

When we first started complaining to customer service they didn't really care and try to make it seem like we should be more understanding. So I had to go file a complaint with the Attorney General and the FTC on their mediocre dealerships and faulty cars they sell. Since some of the repairs happen after our 2 year mark (actually a month after) We can not file a lemon law complaint.

But after I filed complaint with Attorney General I did get response from GM headquarters with little resolution. I was offered a meager compensation for my woes but the point of the matter is they do not care about their customers. We rely on them for a such a life necessity as a vehicle and when you call and complain about it's not a big of deal to them and we are wasting their time. Its not right to have to pay almost 400 a month car note for a car that doesn't work. That's not right! They just treat you like case # such and such, but if you are paying money for something you want it to be right

regardless if its 99 cents or in our case over 13,000!!!!!

I thought the customer was always suppose to be right! But I see according to GM they have a different motto! I am not expecting a brand new car but at least an SINCERE apology or a reasonable resolution. They informed us that since we are not under the bumper to bumper warranty our options are limited and if the light keeps coming on just to keep taking it back to dealer since we are still under power train warranty and if its covered its covered and if its not we pay. We are going to dealer so much its almost like they are tampering with the car to get us to keep coming back because we have not been able to get through one month so far without having to go back to fix something. According to GM headquarters "that's what we agreed to"

I am just going to hurry up trade this vehicle in because its garbage. I am scared to go to another GM vehicle because probably a host of problems too. What I owe on this vehicle isn't even whats is worth, so if I go to Honda or Toyota to trade it in I won't even get a good deal.

All because I thought I could trust a reputable American Manufacturer. They are nothing but *** artist if you see a GM dealer just keep driving pass it you will regret if you it if you stop and thinking about purchasing one.

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I'm dealing with all manner of problems with my 2008 Aura too. Just had the rear caliper replaced since it was leaking break fluid.

That was just about $500. Had the steering rack and intermediate shafts replaced. The transmission bucks and kicks but several dealers won't even investigate it without it throwing a service code. Then there's the environmental controls that won't light when it gets cold, the cupping front tires and a bunch of little things falling off here and there.

I assume I'll be looking at a catalytic converter soon and who knows what else. However, my 2006 Mustang isn't much better, so it's an American car problem, not just a GM one.

No more American cars. And that REALLY hurts my feeling since I firmly believe in Buy American!