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I have experienced nothing but issues with my Equinox. GM acts like there is nothing they can do because they can't connect all the issues as one problem. I want a replacement vehicle. I bought my car in 2010 brand new...it has been in the shop several times. I had to send the dealership an article to get them to actually figure out the problem. The first time I took it in they said it was a sensor so they reset it. A few days go by and the car is having the same problems again. I take it in a second time and they stated that it was a timing chain and my oil was really black. I just had an oil change the week before so I found that odd. They told me to change my oil more often. I was very confused because I just had the oil changed so I knew there was more to it than needing to change my oil more often.

A few months go by and my check engine light starts to come on and my car is back to doing the same thing it has done in the past. The engine revs up when I'm stopped, my car shakes, when I turn it off the car stays running for several seconds. I have even had the engine turn off on me while driving. So I have to take the vehicle back in. This time they say your car is no longer under warranty and the issue is an O2 sensor. I told the service manager at the dealership not to touch my vehicle until I give him approval because I think it is more than a sensor. The service manager was very rude and unprofessional through the entire process.

I have had it with the Equinox at this point. I contacted GM. When I spoke with the service department at the dealership I asked for the codes my car was reading. They gave me P0172 and P0300. That was a red flag. Those are codes for the fuel pump and engine misfire. After some research I found several articles online about the 2010 Chevy Equinox having similar issues where the fuel leaks into the oil. After reading these articles I realized this is exactly what keeps happening to my car and this is most likely why my oil is black after just having it changed. I fought with them to get them to take a further look.

I sent the dealership the articles and when they looked into the issue further they called me and said they had good news: it is the fuel pump and fuel has been leaking into my oil and that is covered under warranty. That's great that it was under warranty but seriously, I had to send an article for them to solve the problem.

I have been fighting with GM because I no longer want my Equinox. It's been nothing but trouble and on top of it my heated seats just stopped working. A brand new vehicle should not have this many issues with it. When a customer purchases a brand new vehicle they expect it to run reliably with proper maintenance.

GM offered me $1,500 towards a new car. I currently owe $21,000 on the car and the trade in value has now greatly dropped because of all the issues it has had. It doesn't allow for me to break even to purchase a new car. All I want is to be able to trade my car in and not lose on it. I shouldn't have to pay for getting a vehicle that was poorly made and has so many issues. I recommend anyone looking to get a 2010 Chevy Equinox to rethink their decision. This vehicle is the worst vehicle I have ever owned.

GM is supposed to stand by  their vehicles, and the one I purchased is clearly not up to company standards. So I would hope they would take a more appropriate approach to this issue and do the right thing. I have suffered a great deal of personal hardship, including lost wages and emotional distress, trying to resolve this issue. Please immediately investigate how this has occurred and contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss an appropriate compensation.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Fuel Pump.

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I own an avalanche a hummer an Aveo and this hunk of junk equinox it’s been torn down twice but I am changing gm went down the wrong road somewhere how are we expected to buy cars made in America



2010 Chevy Equinox is the worst vehicle I've ever owner. Oil consumption, engine noise, two new throttle bodies, new blower motor, another will be needed shortly.

transmission locked up on my wife while making a left hand turn on a four lane highway - new transmission, rusted repaired twice so far on door bottoms, leather seats tearing at the seams, pilot shaft replaced, recall for emissions and gas mileage went way down. Will never buy another General Motors car again.


Chevy equinox is JUNK!!


2013 equinox and the issues still haven't been fixed, was told my car is not covered under the extended warranty. My 2.4 is not on the list. The fight continues.


Hello, I am having all the same problems and more!!! This is one of the worst situations I ever put myself in and been thru so much with this car that nobody should ever have to go thru...Ever.

By the time I found out this car was a piece of *** it was to late and putting $5,000 cash down on it made it hard to get rid of the car , on top of the fact that my wife loved the car no matter what went wrong with it!!! So up until now she did, but the straw that broke the camels back happened and we ended up getting a lawyer and now we are going to see just how much GM stands behind their customers...

Aurora, Illinois, United States #1336221

These cars are junk. My wife's 2011 is garbage. We currently have a law firm working the case now.

to Anonymous #1415900

who was the law firm?????? could i have their contact info

Lansing, Michigan, United States #1278220

i think i may have this issue with my 2010 equinox..what is the fix for leaking fuel into the oil?


Same problem here!!! Engine blew up in my 2010 equinox....replaced it with a low mileage replacement engine and I've drove it for a month and it's got a bad miss and will barely run!!!

Mechanic said probably a bad sensor. JUNK!!!!!

Bay City, Michigan, United States #1247334

This is a problem and yes I had to have a new engine. I had the extended warrenty!

Thank goodness but they worked on my car for a year. And my extended warrenty was about to run out. I fought with GM for a new engine. And the charged me 400.

I feel it should have been no cost to me. I hope to get rid of this car as soon as I can. Then my Daughter purchased one. She was told by the dealer ship there is no issues they made her belive it was a great deal, .

Knowing the issues the 2010's have.

She is now in the fight! Dealer ship is talking to her like she is *** telling her not to read all the stories on the Internet. She told them she wasn't...

she told them my mom dealt with this! GM needs to own up to this. If this replacement engine goes. I will not be happy.

No one wants to buy these 2010s I am out the 24000 for a car I will never be able to regain any money from. My daughter is in the position. Was a loyal GM/Chevy girl my whole life but honestly after this I am looking else where. They bailed on me through this now my Daughter.

No longer a chevy girl! Or my Family!

to Anonymous #1548939

I am having the same problem with my 2010 Equinox. And the dealer tried to charge us $9500 for a new engine that was trashed by their replacement timing belt.

Then they said they would only charge us $4500 with only a 36 month warranty. I am having it redone by someone else for $4200 and a 100,000 mile warranty. We had our Equinox for 6 years when the timing belt was recalled. The replacement timing belt lasted 2 years and destroyed the engine.

Chevrolet would do nothing. We have always been loyal GM buyers.

We went out a bought a Honda. I would like to join in a class action suit if there is one.


I have a 2010 Equinox that I bought used and have only out about 20k miles on and my transmission went out.. Of course there's nothing they have offered to do, even though I've had it less than a year. It's very sorry of them, to say the very least, not to stand behind their vehicles and the money that hard working people have to pay for them.

to Anonymous #1479438

I have a 2010 Equinox also bought it with 29000 miles on it transmission went out cost me $ 2000 from a friend and now it won't run again engine reduced power light is on all kinds of issues going on air conditioning went out had to replace that completely I'll never buy another Equinox

to Bob evens #1479979

There was an engine recall several years back... i had those same lights come on.

Mine was done at 40,000 miles due to issues with oil leaking. They replaced for free.

Read up on the many issues with this car... They're abundant.

to Jen ml #1502511

Thanks JenI now had to replace the engine completely. My mechanic inspected it and told me it was shot!I ordered one used with about 60,000 miles on it and shipped it to my mechanic.

He installed it in 2 days and i am back up and running. At a cost of $2900 though. $2500 for the engine including shipping. I didn't have any warranty left and no time to fight with GM.

But i do wish they would compensate me something for the trouble.So $2000 for transmission, $1500 for the AC, $2900 for the motor and labor.

Kinda thinking i should buy a Toyota and get it over with. Might not ever need another car rest of my life then.Shame Chevy has to get such a bad name but they really messed this vehicle up.

to Jen ml #1502520

Thanks JenCorrection to my dollar amounts,,,2010 Equinox is junk. I bought it with 29,000 miles on it and only have 93,000 now.

I now had to replace the engine completely. My mechanic inspected it and told me it was shot!I ordered one used with about 60,000 miles on it and shipped it to my mechanic.He installed it in 2 days and i am back up and running. At a cost of $3900 though. $2500 for the engine including shipping.

I didn't have any warranty left and no time to fight with GM.But i do wish they would compensate me something for the trouble.So $2000 for transmission, $1500 for the AC, $3400 for the motor and labor.Kinda thinking i should buy a Toyota and get it over with. Might not ever need another car rest of my life then.Shame Chevy has to get such a bad name but they really messed this vehicle up.

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #1227080

Do not buy a 2010 equinox! They are defective and GM knows it!

If you have a complaint you need to register it with the NHTSA (national highway transportation safety administration). That's the only way a recall can be forced outside of a class action lawsuit. They need to know how frequent this car is breaking down.

Whatever you do DON'T TAKE IT TO GM! They are trying to cover their a$$ by lying about the problems.

to Anonymous #1272336

I'm wondering what we could all do to start a class action suit. I purchased mine brand-new in 2010, and had to have the engine replaced (on my dime) for the very same oil consumption/leaking into fuel problem they sent out the letter for a couple years ago.

The letter came about 2 years or so after my terrible ordeal and everything listed was exactly what we had experience. GM was offering to fix the problem for free, or if you had already had to have repairs, you could fill out a reimbursement request. Guess what? Mine was denied.

In addition, I have had trouble with just about everything else...And each problem I've had, and done some research on, I've found hundreds of complaints from ppl having the same problems...EVERY time.

Battery seeming to die, then working, then being dead again (new batteries, existing batteries, new batteries after being attached to the dealership's "super-charger), electrical issues (currently if I turn on the defrost, it reduced my radio volume significantly), sensor problems that prevented my AC from working, right now a warning lights up saying my "A/C disabled due to high engine temp", but my engine is not overheating.

Dealership tried to fix it about 3 different times. When that code comes up, the temp gauge disables and just floats all the way to "cold" and then when I arrive at destination, and turn off and lock the car, a fan runs for about 15 minutes.

I've had issues with the windows, and several other things. It's currently losing oil AGAIN, and as of Sunday, my transmission went out.

Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States #1226469

I have a 2011 equinox and they have had to replace my whole motor and recall after recall now recently it was the cadilac converter and the light that sensed something was wrong with it is not working again. Which goes to the converter.

It's the O2 scensor and they won't pay for it. And now while I'm fighting about that, they have another recall!

Geeze.. I own mine out right but I'm sick of this!


I also bought a 2010 Chevy equinix. Worst car I ever had.

First american car in 30 yrs. Never again.


Do not buy a GM car ever

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