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Update by user Jul 22, 2018

Just to update on my car! I had an appointment from GM to take it in to have them look at it and I was there for 45 mins for them to get my paper work ready to drop it off and the lady kept arguing with my service guy about why I was bringing it back in and he told her it was per GM 5-6 times.

I informed my service gentleman that I had to go because I had to take my mother to a doctors appointment @ 10 and I thought I had an appointment @ 9? I have been here for over 45 mins. Finally we went to the service window to sign the paperwork and he got the loaner vehicle and he found out that it was a FULL SIZE PICK! I said I cannot drive a full size pick up.

I have never drove a full size pick up in my life. The lady behind the counter said that is all I have. My service guy said I will get this taken care of and call you gave me my keys back and I left with my car. I called GM and found out that they closed my case because I refused to take the loaner car that they provided me!

How dirty was that! Like I said BEWARE don’t buy a GM VEHICLE !!!!

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2018

Took my car in to PATSY LOU Chevrolet equinox in May 2018 because I'm having a problem where when you come to a stop the car shakes. They checked the spark plug, air filter, fuel in tank, auto stop feature and all checked out ok.

Told me that if it happens again to bring back. Over Memorial Day weekend it happened again took back and they put on "60" miles and told me they couldn't find anything wrong. I call Jim complaint line they assigned me a advisor what your name was Taylor I just took it in this Monday to have it looked at again had a big mixup with PATSY LOU Chevrolet cause they took it upon themselves to want to give me a full-size pick up which can't drive a full-size pick up never drove a full-size pick up in my life told me they would call me back to get a loaner that I could drive. I've tried to get a hold of my visor I just called today Friday, June 22 and Jim informed me that my advisor close the case that because I didn't take the loaner that was provided to me even though it was a full-size truck that they close my case out because I didn't allow them to do a diagnostic on the vehicle.

So if this is how Jim treats their customers I think that's *** how can you treat a GM customer that it was all lined up for me to bring my vehicle and on the 18th and my service guy told me that he had a vehicle for me and he was even a maze if they were giving me a full-size pick up and then shoves me out the door and tells me he's going to call me to get my car back into get it fixed but in the case is closed. I NEVER BUY A GM VEHICLE AGAIN!!!

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