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My husband and I have purchased/leased numerous GM products over the years. In the past they have all been great working vehicles and the company has stood behind their products when an issue has occurred.

My husbands 2016 Silverado is a lease that we were debating the options of purchasing and holding on to it or trading it in for another newer Silverado. About 2 months ago my husbands driver door was not always unlocking when pressing the key button. He would need to press the button over and over before it would finally unlock. It now wont unlock at all!!

In order to get into his car he has to go to another door, unlock it, and crawl through the truck to open his door. About 2 weeks ago one of the other passenger doors has now started to have similar issues as well. When we took the truck into Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa on January 24th to be serviced they claim there is no known issues and it will be $1018 to repair. When researching online there are numerous complaints about Chevy trucks having this same issue but Chevy refuses to acknowledge it is a problem.

I have called customer service and been given a " SR Advisor" who is always unavailable and not one else is able to help me. After speaking with another representative theyadmitted that there is a note on the account that Chevy will supposedly assist with $250 toward the $1018 to repair but that I still must go through the conviently unvailable Advisor department to get this assistance. This is not acceptable! You know the vehicles are having this problem and you refuse to fix the issue!

Both my husband and my vehicles were going to be traded in toward new GM products but without the company willing to fix issues with their vehicles I will no longer be purchasing/leasing any more of their products. Our previous Camaro, Acadia, my new Acadia should all be documented as proof of our loyalty to the company with someone from there willing to correct this issue and do what is right for the customer. I have a hard time being willing to pay for an issue that is posted all over complaint boards and seems to be reoccurring. If I pay for these 2 locks to be repaired then what happens when the other 2 locks no longer want to work?

Am I going to be responsible for another $1000 to fix these as well? Both of our leases are up in June and July and this will be when we will have to change our loyalty over to another brand that is willing to stand behind its products and do right for loyal customers unless the company is willing to repair the door locks.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1018.

Preferred solution: Fix the locks!.

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