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I helped my grandson trade in his 2009 Saturn Aura because it had problems and the power steering was screwed up and was going to coct 1400 dollars to fix.He went to adealer in Davison and found a clean 2015 chevy cruz with 29000 miles .His car got to 40000 miles and...
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I didn't like
  • Grandson had to pay 1300 dollars to get a 40000 mile car fixed
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General Motors - Cadillac CTS is a health hazard!!!
I purchased a beautiful and expensive 2008 Cadillac CTS. It is well maintained. Then all of a sudden my wife, my 3 small children, and myself started coming down with respiratory illnesses, and sinus ailments. Then around the same time I noticed the inside of my...
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Automotive engineer and tech

I understand your frustration, and your situation definitely sounds frustrating and unfortunate, but having water leaks in a 9 year old used car really isn't something that th...


I would check the air conditioning filters ; I don't see that mentioned in your letter.Most things in Florida get mouldy regardless. I lived there, briefly.I also had a brand...

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