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My 2008 Saturn Vue is rusting out... not by the wheels or along the underneath of the car door panels but up high along a plastic piece that covers a door latch!!

The rust hides underneath and festers out of site until it's too late to notice it then blooms outside the plastic to makes a real mess of the entire area. GM fixed it once, at the time the service manager said it was probably some type of design problem with the plastic hitting the metal ... two years later, the rust is even worse than the first time! The stinker is the truck is still under warranty for rust but it has to be a hole... It will be a hole but probably one month after the rest of the warranty is up.... What a JOKE!

On top of the rust I've been throwing money at a problem (front right knocking and vibrations) that just seems un-fixable, a lot of people have the same problem with the truck and it should have been a recall... GM ducked out of that one too..

SHITY COMPANY and *** !!!!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625303

If you live near salt water, and apparently you do live where there is a good amount of snow and ice, and a salt solution of some kind gets used on roads, vehicles are bound to get rust. The problem that you describe could be caused by the salt water/solution, that gets under the plastic.

Things like this are more apt to happen in certain parts of the country/Canada. It doesn't have to just happen along the bottom of the car, the water can hit higher up, from driving through a puddle, and even meeting another car that splashes you.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #625281

5 years old and complaining of rust. Let us ee.

You live in Ontario, Canada, Cold, snow, rain and miseraabble weather.

Nothing causes rust there!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin

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