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I have owned a 2002 Buick Rendesvous CXL for several years. I love the car, EXCEPT I have had it in for repairs almost 20 times for an ABS and AWD warning light coming on when I start the car.

Both dealers and local repair shops state that the wiring in the senosors is shorting out and causing this, but when they repair a section, another piece breaks??? My latest fix (2/2010) caused the repair facility to state, that GM Should RECALL these SUV's.

How about it GM?

Can you admit that you engineered a bad idea? Or can you just count your bail out money?

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1014364

The only good GM car is one under warranty, and then good luck.

I've owned Jaguar cars with less electrical problems than the Gm cars and truck I've driven. Never again will GM get a penny of my money but looks like they took some of it anyway with the bailout.

Maybe they should look into replacing their electrical components with some Lucas component's ,they seem to last longer.

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