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Apparently there is a clause in the GM purchase plan that forbids buyers from suing the automaker in a warranty dispute. Consumers who have a warranty dispute with GM --DaimlerChrysler has a similar clause while Ford doesn't --must use a process called mandatory,...
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General Motors - 2010 SS Camaro LS3 engine blew up
General Motors - 2010 SS Camaro LS3 engine blew up
My 2010 SS broke a valve spring while driving about 20MPH in a parking lot. This caused the valve to drop and the piston imploded, causing the rod to come out of the side of the engine. GM said "Owner Caused" and would not honor warranty. Three months later GM agreed...
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GM ***kers

Obama Motors........I filed a complaint with the CEO yesterday and I'm betting that I will not get a response from her either. Also filed a North Carolina DOJ complainant. I r...


GM really does not care. They know they will get bailed out again when their company goes down the toilet.

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