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Not impressed by GM quality. My Chevy started to fall apart soon after the three-year warranty expired. It seems that these cars, at least in the last ten years or so, are made as disposable toys. Can't really blame the dealership specifically but they weren't fair in coming to an agreement either, on a discount for the major work that needed to be done on my car.

The real problem goes beyond the dealership: there seems to be a major engine defect on a lot of the Chevy cars but it's something that GM is not willing to admit, and it hasn't made its way to their "recalls" list since it would cost the company too much to fix. Google "engine defects" and Chevrolet and you'll see that there are in the U.S. some class-action lawsuits regarding this already under way.

Would not recommend American cars anymore nor would I buy them again - the initial price on the car may seem good but ongoing repair charges after warranty will eventually bring you up to the price level of a new German car for example (factoring in the price for ongoing ownership and maintenance of the vehicle during and after warranty). I recommend giving some more money initially for an import car, Japanese or German, and taking good care of it - will give you more satisfaction in the long run.

Shame on the gov.'ts for bailing GM out after 2008 - and injecting life support into a fumbling company that still insults buyers by manufacturing and selling junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chevrolet Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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