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I have owned many GM vehicles over the years, I am 54 years old and have worked in automotive repair and body paint service. I have seen GM make many mistakes on quality, especially on interior trim and paint quality/ fit and finish. I have owned Honda(1), Toyota (1), Nissan (3), Chevy (3), Pontiac (1) and Ford (4) Vehicles Chrysler A(1). I do not know how many other people who post have had this kind of background. My observation is that GM made vehicles with pride until about 1971 when I watched as the new vehicles began to really suffer, my parents purchased a new 1972 Chevy Chevelle that had a wonderful drive train (spec'd out by a mechanic friend who built drive trains for a living) but the metal spare tire cover did not fit or the glove box door either, the driver rear door was hard to close. Still the vehicle was sold to a family friend and went 250k miles with just basic repair.

I had trouble with the Honda both motor (fuel delivery issues at 30k) brake and body issues when the cam went flat at 80k miles I sold it. I found the Nissan quality to be poor in many areas body interior and some engine issues sold them as the fuel economy was not what it was supposed to be.

The very best vehicle I have ever owned was a 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE. 30 miles per gallon on the highway often and the engine transmission combo were awesome, power and economy, reliability sold the car with 130K and regretted it ever since, however the interior part quality was marginal, but not that bad when compared to contemporary vehicles of the time.

The Chevy vehicles I owned had some issues but overall were great cars as they went forever the issue with the post 1971 vehicles from GM I have owned is that I worked around all kinds vehicles and was able to drive most new vehicles over the years, I watched as GM not only did not keep pace but seemed to decline in quality and innovation. I own a 1995 Toyota 4 runner currently and it has been the worst vehicle so far it needed head gaskets at 45k and now at 125k has a burnt valve. The Ford vehicles were great to 80k then they needed engines and or transmissions. Currently have a 1997 Ford F250 HD in driveway given to me by my father and at 125k it needs a transmission, body quality was better than GM though. I also have owned a 1993 Plymouth Voyager no serious complaints as we did not keep it long.

I have seen GM build some great vehicles and some really poor ones as well. In the 60's they had a *** the torpedoes let's build vehicles that kick ***, I read info from GM that said they were trying to adopt that attitude again since 2006 (stop letting the accountants tell them how to build vehicles). Then in 2008 the economy went south and they nearly went under. I hate to hear from friends that have worked with GM engineers that told me how much time and effort went into making their cars fail just after warranty expired. I had a teacher in HS that told me our economy was going to change as other countries became capable of competing with the US, I have seen this as well. The bottom line is that people here in the US have pride in what they do and driving a vehicle that is less than good made here bothers us, because we see our reflection in the paint and people who care want better. I hope that someone at GM is listening and Ford as well, Chrysler is now Italian (owned by Fiat) so it is irrelevant for them (they make some pretty good cars now) . I know that Honda, Nissan and Toyota assemble many vehicles here, but they are still imports to anyone who knows the capability of the people of the US. We have more inside than the rest of the world thinks at this point. Retiring employees at full compensation was a terrible idea, whoever though this up and pushed it through should be neutered.

Don't let us down GM, you can do better, we have seen it. When we look at you we see us.

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Just bought a new Toyota. Made in USA but not by union thugs.

And, Toyota is not part of the Obummer administration.

This is my first Jappo car and we'll see how we like it. Will never, ever buy a GM or Chrysler product again.