Houston, Texas

**Disclaimer** Beck & Masten 11300 FM 1960 West. Houston, Tx 77065.

Read this carefully before buying from this dealership. Horrible customer service! Deceptive sales personnel! I just bought a new 2013 GMC Yukon from this dealership.

The sales person Manny Dawar was extremely rude to begin with. He and I kept getting into arguments one after another, the guy was not even man enough apologize of his behavior. When it came to finally offering them a price, they took it and neglected to inform me of the special offers that GM offered to their customers. After finding this out, I immediately contacted the dealership and asked the sales person why he neglected to inform me of such offers.

He told me, "why should we tell you?" I could not believe what I was hearing! I complained to GM customer service and they told me that Beck & Masten should have informed me of such offers. With this being said, GM contacted the dealership in hopes to have this settled. The sales manager Andrew Martinez, of whom I never meet, called me.

The conversation was brief, I simply wanted to know why he and the sales person neglected to inform me of the special offers. His answer was, "well in order for us to come up with the final price we had to include all special offers." I told him that he was not purchasing the vehicle, I was! Hence therefore, he could not possibly come up with the number! After going back and forward with this, Andrew just gave me numbers of the papers and said, "you have already signed all documents." When asked if he would take the vehicle back, he informs me that he won't.

It hasn't even been seven days and the vehicle is garage kept, driven up to 25 miles, and this how they treat me. I explained thoroughly to GM customer service, so far they are just taking their sweet time to work on this issue.

Total disappointment! I hope this information helps you if you plan to purchase any vehicles from this dealership.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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You said the sales an was rude before you bought the car? Why did you but a car from a rude salesman. You should have walked if you didn't like the guy.


rude customer service seems to be the GMC way these days....I had issues with a pushy finance guy up here in South Dakota that I elevated to the GMC Corp.....basically i was told oh well....here is a 100 bucks off your next service.....WTF....I just spent 45K - all i was looking for was an apology...never got one and the smug SOB is still on the job