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What would cause a Chevy Aveo to just stall out, replaced sensors and battery.

My Chevy just stalls for no reason, almost got rear ended numerous times, cannot find out what is causing the problem. please help.

Jack Nolan

Try to contact Chevrolet customer assistance center by phone at 800-222-1020 (option 2) Mon-Sat, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. (EST) Sun, closed


Service record

by DarlingAlligator

What website can I get into to check on what service has been done in the pass sine I bought it? At one time, I could do this but have forgotten the website I used.


Information display on 2018 Chevrolet Impala

I'm having a problem with the information display going blank on a new car. This started the 2nd day after i purchased the car.

It will go out driving down the road and when it happen the digital speed will go out and no other information screen will display. Other screens such as phone, audio and nav will display fine. this has happened six times and I've only have 1200 miles on the car. I carried it to Boyd Chevrolet in Henderson NC where I purchased it and they could find why this happens because it was back on when I got there.

It happened again after that and I called them while it was out and they told me it no need to bring it back unless if stay out. I was out of town and befor I got bake home it was back on.


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