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If you have a 2000 Buick Lesabre, please pay close attention, this could affect you.

There is a manufacturing defect with the electrical system for this car that involves 1 or more of the sensors and causes a short.

What it does is, it tends to make the car stall out and die. When the sensor shorts out, it kills the engine. The problem is, while GM knows this issue exists, they will do absolutely nothing to replace the faulty sensor(s).

I have replaced the battery, replaced the fuel pump, spent a lot of money on diagnostic checks to try to narrow it down to which sensors are going bad, to no avail. While I know the car will eventually do it, I cannot predict when. Therefore I am terrified to drive the car anywhere besides around town.

I have had this car die on me in the middle of heavy traffic consisting of big rigs and I fear one day I will not be able to get my car off to the side of the road. My family is worried as well.

So if you have this car and have this problem or anything similar, keep notes of every time you have the issue pop up.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Fuel Pump.

Monetary Loss: $1376.

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I had a 2001 chevy pickup and had the same problem. My scanner kept saying passlock is on.

I took it to a dealer that charged me over 1500.oo and it still wouldn,run I ended up selling it. The new owner went to a junk yard bought a complete steering column and sent the computer to factory to be reprogramed guess what it ran after thatw