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I liked and decided to get myself a new HHR. I like the car a lot.

There are two problems with my getting it. First the dealer screws me with the price and loan payment amount then the windshield cracks. I have had this car for only three months and very careful not to take it out in *** conditions. The crack started from the top of the windshield down to the rear view mirror and not it's curving off to the drivers side.

Since I really don't want to go to the dealer since they will tell me it's not their problem. I wonder why I have any kind of customer loyalty to Chevy at all. I am afraid to turn on the heat or get the car washed. That crack is going to spread like wild fire.

I have a larger payment than I wanted being on disability, limited income. I had to pay for the running boards my salesman was blind and didn't notice in order to tell me the car didn't have any. Now I will end up having to replace the windshield after only having the car for three months. I guess this is my karma for going near another Chevy dealer.

I only other car manufacturers had Onstar I would have had more to choose from. I didn't even get a custmore loyalty discount since GM seems to pick times of year we are supposed to buy new cars to get one.

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I just happened to see this today and couldn't resist writing as part of a promise that I made to GMC when after many written letters and phone conversations to their headquarters. When my new GMC truck broke down on my way back to my home state I was promised that I would be completely happy with the end results and also promised that I would be paid for any and all expenses as a result of my breakdown.

when all was said and done I told GM Dealer that I would do everything that I could do to truthfully discredit GM by telling my story to all that would listen. I hold a very public job and meet and talk with many people everyday. I have been told by at least 15 plus people that they purchased a new vehicle other than a GMC product and thanked me for the information. 15 vehicles @ 30,000 each is a lot of money lost to GMC when it would have been easy for them to keep the promises made to me.

This is my promise.

I will continue to sway people away from GMC at every opportunity.

G Cyr Maine P.S. My dealer did all that they could and I have no fault with them.