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General Motors - I was to co-sign a loan and Friendly Chev., Dallas, Texas put me as the primary and refuse to change it.

I went to Friendly Chev., 2754 N. Stemmons, Dallas to co-sign for a 2015 Tahoe. I told the agent to be sure and put my friend as the buyer so all the paperwork, recalls, registration, etc. would go to her address. They put me as the primary and refuse to change it. Ally, the finance company, refuse to change it. I would not have signed the contract under these circumstances. I consider it fraud. When I contacted the dealership and finance company they told me to sell the Tahoe. That would be the only way to get it out of my name. I called General Motors to file a complaint, they transferred me to Ally. I called back and they did not file a complaint. I will now sell my 2009 Silverado and never do busy with General Motors again.
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  • Friendly chevrolet
Reason of review
Paperwork fraud.
Preferred solution
Put the correct information on the paperwork for the title.

General Motors - 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Review from Dallas, Texas

2004 silverado diesel injectors failed a second time only a year after being replaced by a butcher gm mechanic on warranty. Gm charged me 400 dollars to tell me my injectors are not covered by the famous lb7 extended warranty because for some 150psi return line pressure test. My truck smoked, ran horribly, was ticking loud and had a lite of diesel in oil but that was not good enough to get the warranty repair that they so proudly advertised for people scared to buy their junk. I was to pay $6000 to have the repair. I had it done elsewhere and won't use gm again!
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Reason of review
Warranty issue

General Motors in Dallas, Texas - 2007 Hummer H3X OCD 0128 replaced Thermostat

I was getting check engine light, OCD 0128, replaced thermostat, light went off, then a week later, top of the radiator starting leaking coolant. Went to Sewell and had to replace itand 1100.00 later. I contacted GM and I was told that my VIN is not a recall for this issue. However it is still a Hummer and others have had the same issue. GM contacted the whatever he is called at Sewell and he makes the final decision. I shall see, GM needs to stand behind their products, and more people would buy their products instead of imports.
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General Motors - 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe Texas Edition

We purchased 2012 Tahoe after 100 mile ( one hundred Miles) AC stopped working, Here we are a year Later Still dealing with the same issue, First the compressor seals ( They Said) Then Diverter not working, Then Schrader valves leaking etc etc etc.. Help from Customer service was always ( I'll call you back within 24-48 hours") Did they? *** no , and we have been dealing with this problem with a $45,000 dollar Pile O'***! We have been loyal GM customers for over 32 years and Today is the end! Want to be treated like *** and lied to? Buy A GM !! Good Day!
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General Motors in Dallas, Texas - Very poor reliability on Corvette systems

I have been given the runaround on my 2003 Corvette conv. Last month, an alternator repair was $1000. This month it is the ABS system for $4000. The car has 40,000 *** miles on it. 3 days with customer service and nothing. This company is a joke, the products are *** and I will never buy another GM product. And none of my kids will either. I wish I could shove this Vette up their govt funded ***! All these idiots had to do was help make this right, I bought this car, paid an extended warranty, and now that the tie has expired, they won't stand behind the quality of their products. $60,000 for this car and the ABS system lasts 40,000 miles ? Really, even Hyundai has the decency to stand behind their designs. This product is garbage!
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After 30 years of buying GM cars, including two corvettes, I have learned these things... their cars are ***....their sevice depts are incompetent parts replacers and thieves...the salesmen are scheming thieves and lower than whale ***....they build their cars not to last on purpose to make you buy another one after yours prematurely falls apart and rusts.

I drive a honda now and the difference in quality is like night and day. I'll never buy a GM car ever again.


Another rocket scientist that has a $1000 alternator. Did you ever hear for Ebay, Craigs List, Auto Zone, Adance and finding a good independant repair shop!!!!!!!!

What is wong wioth you people . Plenty of brains and no common sense.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do not fret, one day you shall own a premium vehicle and you will understand why you don't go to autozone or Billy Bobs shop to fix it. Thanks for your brilliant response.

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General Motors in Dallas, Texas - Complaint to Transport Canada

The cheap too easily broken interior plastic handle of the Chevy HHR is a real danger in case of an accident. The very fragile handle can break. This is why I filed a complaint to Transport Canada about this safety issue. I hope Transport Canada acts in a sense that GM does something about this. GM should be forced to make recall on this. And GM's attitude is even more dangerous as they sell only the whole interior trim for $370 when the handle is is worth no more than $50. Many people can't afford the repair. Shame on GM!
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General Motors in Dallas, Texas - GM. Treated me with disrespect and don't care about employees.

I work for general motors and was trying to deliver parts to people on the line building cars the way that were suposed to and i could'nt do it because there was to much work on the job. My boss came and told me " You don't go home till you pull 7 carts" everyone else can but you. Everyone else does it wrong. Their not doing it by the job element standards that the union and management set up (GMS Standards) which I am. well I was cussed at, treated like dirt in front of other management and never asked why or what we could do to help this problem. All that mattered was that the parts were delivered so the cars could get built. GM does not care about anyone but them selves. Iv'e worked for GM for 15yrs and It's the worst atmosphere and management I have ever experienced in my life. No concideration for anyone. It doesn't matter how bad your situation is or what has happened, that car will get built one way or another. I will never buy another GM vehical ever again in my life and urge you to do the same. They treat us like slime. GM is just another sweat shop with no union to back you up anymore. very disappointed GM worker...........
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General Motors in Dallas, Texas - GMC dosn't acknowlege e-brake problem

I own a 2001 Sierra 1500 4X4. I checked with a brake shop at 50k for an estimate. The mechanic asked if the e-brake traveled all the way to the floor. I replied ever since 20k. He then gave me an estimate of $1500 to replace rear rotors and e-brake pads along with a standard brake job. He and other mechanics say that they see this a lot. I'm pissed because the e-brake was rarely used and now I have to lay out a lot of money just to pass state inspection. GMC dealers and the factory deny any knowlege or bulletins addressing the problem. I think there should be a recall. A side note, the truck has 165k on it now and still has original front brakes. Ricky Hightower
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