I bought a chevy impala in 2004 and it has been nothing but problems. I lost all guages just after the warrenty ran out.

The wipers constantly need repair as screws come loose. I just had the car breatdown due to overheating. I decided to repair it myself as the dealers kill you on repair costs and this car always has something wrong. Big mistake trying to fix this piece of ***.

I replaced the thermostat, and went to replace the water pump. The water pump cannot be replaced without the power steering pulley removed. Some genious decided to put one of the bolts to the water pump behind the pulley. So I went to get a wheel puller to take the pulley off.

Guess what, you need a special pulling tool (another $50 one time use GM tool). Now I find the puller won't really fit very well between the pulley and the wheel well. My god a simple repair turned into a nightmare by really lousy engineering. I going to also need to replace the radiator in this car also as it is plugged up.

This car is a classic example as to why people do not buy GM or American cars. they are a product of very poor design compared toe working on foreign cars especially made in asia.

Folks, I have bought american all my life but I am done trying to figure out how to get around constant design flaws.

GM clean up your act! you have our tax dollar and you should stop suckering us in with multimillion dollar ad campaigns and higher some engineers that know what the *** they are doing.

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Fully agree with the declaration that Imapla 2004 is a lemon. I am an unhappy owner.

But I must say I also had the same amount of problems with a Cadillac Deville 1997 just before the Impala. Buying a GM car is finished for me !


I have a 2012 Impala LT and when I put the

windows in the back down I get this noise

that is so bad it hurts the ears and the dealer's fix is (PUT THE FRONT ONES DOWN A


guess the next thing would be to open the

glove compartment. what gives with this??


there are holes in the pulley to access the bolts holding the p/s pump to the bracket. Drop assembly out of way.

No need for special tools this is why technicians charge for repairs. :)


Impala is a lemon! Poor coolant system, passlock problem is a biggie...car won't start for ten minutes minimum, wipers come loose, door handles are fragile...did I mention the passlock problem?!!!!!


Its a 2004? .

Any time now you should be getting ready to experience the super fantastic Passlock issue. Its so fun to own a car that is designed to think the owner is a thief and refuse to start. I am sure you will love it as you push it off a bridge. GM I wish you the best.

Run Flat tires on all your executives cars. Happy Motoring!


Because your POS 2004 Chevy was poorly made, the bail outs apply how exactly?

YOU bought an American car.

Live with it.

Drive German. At least many German cars are built here.

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