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I have been given the runaround on my 2003 Corvette conv. Last month, an alternator repair was $1000.

This month it is the ABS system for $4000. The car has 40,000 f'in miles on it. 3 days with customer service and nothing. This company is a joke, the products are *** and I will never buy another GM product.

And none of my kids will either. I wish I could shove this Vette up their govt funded ***! All these idiots had to do was help make this right, I bought this car, paid an extended warranty, and now that the tie has expired, they won't stand behind the quality of their products. $60,000 for this car and the ABS system lasts 40,000 miles ?

Really, even Hyundai has the decency to stand behind their designs. This product is garbage!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Jackson, New Jersey, United States #591769

After 30 years of buying GM cars, including two corvettes, I have learned these things... their cars are ***....their sevice depts are incompetent parts replacers and thieves...the salesmen are scheming thieves and lower than whale ***....they build their cars not to last on purpose to make you buy another one after yours prematurely falls apart and rusts.

I drive a honda now and the difference in quality is like night and day. I'll never buy a GM car ever again.

Orlando, Florida, United States #591645

Another rocket scientist that has a $1000 alternator. Did you ever hear for Ebay, Craigs List, Auto Zone, Adance and finding a good independant repair shop!!!!!!!!

What is wong wioth you people . Plenty of brains and no common sense.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to alq Laredo, Texas, United States #591849

Do not fret, one day you shall own a premium vehicle and you will understand why you don't go to autozone or Billy Bobs shop to fix it. Thanks for your brilliant response.

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