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I have a G.M.C. sierra 2007 H.D.2500.

the speakers in the front doors go out due to rain damage every couple years. The first time this happened g.m. fixed it right away. But after the bankruptcy they closed the dealer and contracted with Big Island Toyota to do the work.

I started the claim last Dec 2009 and still haven't gotten the problem fixed. G.M.C. is claiming that the parts are being located to be shipped. What a run around I had to take it in twice just for them to figure out what I was telling them was wrong.

I have a 52 ***'s pick up and seam to be able to get parts over night for it if I need. What kind of excuse is this that parts can't be found on a 2 year old truck. I'm thinking of stopping payments on my loan to G.M.A.C. until they fix the problem.

After all they have broken their contract to me. Going on 4 months here for a simple stereo problem.

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Go to a GM dealer. I have never had a problem getting parts from a GM dealer.

Why would you go to a toyota dealer? I 'm sure your nearest GM dealer would love your business especially warranty. Do you live in the Pacifac? Every couple years the speakers go out.

Your truck is only a couple years old. Was the repair made correctly? Maybe that is why GM closed the dealer. Ask them waht they did to repair it.

Did they install the sheild properly? Are the drain holes in the bottom of the doors open? It is not in GM's interest to *** you around. I'm sure Toyota would love to have your speakerless truck as a trade in.

All vehicles have issues, just like toyota tundra frame rust and tires falling out. A gm dealer would get parts overnight most of the time.

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