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9/15/17- Purchased 2014 Chevy Equinox, also paid $2500 for an extended warranty with CNA National

7/18/18- Vehicle just shut off while driving for maybe 10 minutes. It felt as if the battery had died. Please note I had no other issues prior to this with the vehicle. Tried to start it, and it sounded as if someone was playing the drums under my hood. Pushed car to safe location, and went home for the evening.

7/19/18–I got a ride to the vehicle with hopes of it starting. Same thing happened. So, I reached out to my warranty company (CNAN) and was told that I can have the vehicle towed through their Roadside Assistance to a repair shop of my choice, and once an estimate was prepared, they would pay over the phone with a credit card. I had the vehicle towed to Quality Buick GMC in Alton, IL.

7/20/18-Received a call from Quality that timing chain was busted, along with several other items, and engine was full of sludge. They stated I was still covered under GM Powertrain warranty and they submitted all of the information to GM, and got me a rental through Enterprise.

7/24/18-Received a call from Quality stating that GM declined repairs, and now extended warranty company would not pay for the rental I had for days. I contacted GM and requested a supervisor to discuss options. Supervisor stated that they would review case and contact me within 2 days. With the vehicle having under 100,000 miles, she didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t cover it. She asked where the vehicle was located and I started Quality Buick GM in Alton, after searching their database, she said they were not certified to do the repairs, and the vehicle would have to be towed to another location. She reached out to Jack Schmitt in Wood River, and also as a courtesy, reached out to Chevy Roadside assistance to do a Dealer to Dealer transfer at no cost to me. I was very grateful for that. She said the roadside assistance company would reach out to me within 20 minutes, and gave me a number to call if they did not. 45 minutes went by and I called Chevy Roadside Assistance to follow up on the transfer. Of course, they had no information, and was not eligible for the transfer. I contacted GM Warranty again, and they said she was not allowed to do that, and there was nothing they could do at that moment, and case was re-opened and pending investigation. Reached out to CNAC (extended warranty company) and Roadside Assistance wasn’t available with them either until 7 days from last time used. Frustrated, I hang up, and look for other options online. I received a call from Allstate Ins. that they were attempting to pick up the vehicle, but there was a $300 balance with Quality Pontiac before vehicle could be transferred. They stated they were called out by Chevy Roadside Assistance, who just told me they had no information for transfer. So, I reached out to Quality for information on balance owed. They stated $100+ for opening up the engine, and the remaining balance was for the rental. Also, vehicle would not be released until balance was paid. I explained to them that GM Warranty needed a Certified Dealer to estimate repairs, and they informed me they are a certified dealer. I called GM Warranty back to let them know what was going on, and they said the other person I talked to must be new, or not know what she is doing, because Quality is a certified dealer. I would only be getting charged more money by having another dealer open up the engine to do the estimate. I explained to them I would be leaving the vehicle at Quality, and gave them the contact info for the service department for investigation on repairs.

7/26/18- Received a call from GM Warranty that repairs would not be covered due to it not being a manufacturer defect. That was their final answer.

I spoke with 2 different service departments, Quality, and Jack Schmitt and they stated there is no way the sludge in the engine could have been caused in the 10 months I’ve had the vehicle. Oil changes were always done on time, and I have proof of that. So, how it is that I now have a car with $6000+ damages, and a 14,000 balance on, $600 balance for rental + Quality doing estimate, and I’m responsible.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Warranty.

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